Why have we conformed // Welcome to the new age?

Buzzing belonged to dynamos in remote controlled cars
Beeping belonged to microwaves, when hot pockets were ready
Strings and ropes meant for  “jumprope” at half past two
Pocket sized boxes housed gum balls and spiders
Scissors were reserved for magical creations
Glass bottles protected notes to be set adrift
Then they broadened our horizons
Someone spoke to impressionable minds


*Edit: This post/poem is still incomplete.

Note: (TBC in a separate post)Inspired by the sensationalism of self harm on social media (often tumblr, Instagram and occasionally, twitter) despite the existing regulatory measures established (i.e. the ban imposed on ‘triggering’ posts in support of self harm/triggering images and content). When ‘activism’ and efforts to channel ‘well-intention(ed) support’ are somehow transmuted into negative activism- the acceptance of ‘self harm’- the tables have to be turned. It has to stop.

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