12:28 AM 16.OCT.2020

Happy Friday, I guess. I am losing track of the dates. The digits in the corner of my laptop scare me a little more than shelf life of the milk in my fridge. This, and the cacti on my desk that seems to be hankering for both my attention and maybe someone who might probably not have allowed it to shrink to half its size, albeit unintentionally. It has been a good night- rushing from home to dinner and then back, for work, has simulated an uncanny JC experience. Somewhat nostalgic, and bitter sweet. The evening’s laughter and shenanigans have restored my plunging energy meter- I am grateful for sporadic, “heart full” conversations, good vibes and some of the best company (plus good book and really good music recommendations from friends- it is truly a moment to celebrate when you find friends who appreciate the same artists as you?? Especially when it comes to relatively underrated artists, within these social circles at least. It forges something tangible? Some of you who read this might know what I mean) 😌

Also, chrystanthemum tempura should NOT be a thing ): Sounds better than it tastes HA (Chrysanthemum- this is the first time I’m actually visualizing the term – Chry- San- THE- Mum hmm)

Author recommendation for the week: AUDRE LORDE WHAT. A. QUEEN. But seriously, please check out her work.

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