365 double 2 on loop

Our 365 double 2 playlist,
An earworm to be kept on loop.

Our melody was the soundtrack of the coldest days bathed in the softest winters.
Even dark rainy days felt warmer with you around –
Into puddles bathed in moonlight;
Driving into sunsets, dancing into mornings, beating sunrises, weaving pieces of our stories together in parking lots-
You made me fall in love with nature,
I’d taken for granted before,
And then you taught me to look far because the roads would straighten out for me if I just steered straight- quite literally,
You taught me to trust – keep my eyes on the road
You made me privy to humanity-
And you are, humanity-
Dewdrops waltzing to the broken harmonies
Woven so intricately.

If we rushed them, we knew
The vinyl might break-
So we didn’t.

Our record has been severed by 3.5 years- but that is okay.
The typewriter is running out of ribbon- but that is okay.
An empty cartridge will not be a dust collector
We peer into it-
One last drop, one last run,
We can still write
I run my hand over the dusty keyboard.

Tip the ink to the page. The writing might not flow as fast, the pages might be filled with more ,”I miss you”s than “see you later”s- but still.

There is comfort in the incessant tapping and fresh black ink- every memory to be distilled and retold.

We will not end this novel  for as long as the breath still dances in our lungs.
The vinyl is creaking and slowing-
The music is fading,

“For Good” – so play this one
Promise to keep it on loop in your mind.
Even if we don’t, the recesses of our minds will always remember
– for us.

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