What its like inside these streams of (un)consciousness

Maybe and what if and i could have and i think and its a possibility and all these riddles create a sense of tentativeness devoid of potentially without words of finality coupled with decleratives and imperatives and completely devoid of the sense of certainty that will silent my doubts and fill the gaps created by relentless questioning and endless bouts of futile probing with a solid promises and stability that i yearn for so so fervently 

Do you see, the fire and brimstone

Rusty dew crystallized by clouds of grey vapor
Stinging the gentle flesh till it hardens
Spiralling through an empty gut
before it finds a place-

Lodged within a twisted abyss of crimson

Convulsions pummeled by grotesque heaves
Choking throbs

I see them chiseling at the monstrous might
Of a hardened stone
Rivers of love, relentless pleas,

Fervent in their decries
Sullen, quiet futility
Bleeds into the silence
They couldn’t thaw the reams of morphine
Who hath done their nefarious bidding
Antipathy caving in
Frozen in deafening discordance

Hardened stone
Cold peaks that never sparkle
The glaciers that never melt
It blazes in the sultry heat

And it burns and burns
From the inside out
To its own end



Dead knots
Frayed ends still crisp from damp tear gas
The fragility they’ve bound
The wounds they’ve lashed
into the flesh, gnawed
ripped open to bear

Now dead ends remain taut in obstinate
Born into the world- of human touch-
iron clamps dripping with vile blackness
barbs to ruins
– i need to- find-

Bitterest gall softened by silence
A revelation- entrenched in a maddness born of a
disillusionment of my own
my madness
my revelation- raw with euphoria
So fragile, so sweet
I’ve seen, weep for me
And I, for this transcendent treasure
so human

Fervently i’ve prayed
enraptured by a thousand spells-
of this that i’ve yearned to know

Musings over profanities- #@$!

Just one syllable
They knew that taboos never reined for long
Their verbose diction
A new lingo made me cringe
Blended mess of fricatives and plosives
It spelt anguish, agony, abhorrence, anxiety and euphoria
It yearned to be assimilated into contemporary lingo
It yearned to stand in for vehemence and complexity
It yearned for liberation, to wrench off its taboo tag
No palliation No embellishments
Explicitly hurled

Typecasted, Outcasted, Stereotyped once more
Derogatory accusations planted themselves into discordance
In spite of me
To incite me
Stripped of internal dignity
Errosion of the soil that graced the forest floor
Leviathan-sized white termites gnawed at my veins
Poison seeped into shaken vessles of vulnerability
Lamposts flicker and sputter
Cloaked in shards of grey mist
Enveloping the sky
We’re more susceptible than everm
To embrace solitude