“All these years you’ve lived but you’ve never had a life” “So live”(inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire)

All these facades will collapse in time
That trails beneath the old grim borders
Maturity will plod along another deserted path
A lonely lane where it’s safe to wonder
I’ll pick up another cloak while waiting for
The sinister warmth that lets me know when its safe to tremble and weep and let it all go
An old rugged road paved for lost souls to wonder
Those caught in the middle
When their nerves choose to bury themselves before it’s time for us to go

Then, comes the struggle to tap on numbed senses
My only means of deciphering foreign ages
And ages I’ve never wandered thanks to
Circumstances thrust you into the core of the screaming vortex
The painful humming that dictates that the age of
17 comes after 14,

I’ve heard this whimpering that houses crag eons
My crag eons, the ones I’ve been forced to “give”
Just because.
But this sickening familiarity calls me to my senses each time
A stinging tight slap that threatens and lingers
As with Blanche’s Varsouviana, and so many other dark sinister polkas
But this rambling is all I have left to call my own
Feel free to muse at my unbridled sanity
It’s sad but i know the pounding will rein, the vehement bellowing will follow
These echos will twist themselves into the bane of my existence